Repair of digital equipment
in Kuala Lumpur.
High-quality repair and maintenance of computer equipment.
Maintenance and quality repair.
Slow start, layers of dust, etc.

Diagnostics and modular repair.

Broken matrix, "dead" battery, etc.
Assistance in the sale and purchase of equipment.
Highly rated account
Deal management.
Sale - Purchase.
Facts about me
I have been living in Malaysia for over 5 years.

I provide services for the repair and maintenance of computer equipment, software and peripherals with home visits, it is also possible to deliver equipment after repair throughout the country.

I always go to meet clients and help in solving problems.

Just contact me and I will do my best to solve your problem!
How do I work?

Report a problem

Contact any communication channel,
describe your problem.
I will diagnose, report the problem and offer a solution.
We agree on a price and time,
start work.

Reasons to trust me?

  • More than 10 years of experience in the repair of equipment

    • Over the years, I've done a lot of repairs.
  • Diagnosis

    • Fast, high-quality and extensive diagnostics of equipment.
  • Individual approach

    Prompt resolution of technical problems with home visits
    at a convenient time for you.

Customer Reviews

  • This is not the first time I have used the service.
    There was a problem with the internet in the apartment.
    Maxim arrived and set up access points in the evening.
    Powerline WIFI
  • Thank you very much Maxim! You have helped my daughter a lot and working appliances at home is always great! Thank you for your professional approach! I wish you success! We will be in touch and will be happy to recommend you!

    Desktop computer
  • Arrived on a day off.
    Added RAM to laptops for kids.
    iMac ready for sale.
    and helps to get rid of unnecessary equipment.
    Lenovo 13w, 14w, iMac 2011
  • I highly recommend Maksim - I have asked him several times for help with my laptop.
    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
  • Question:
    Can I pay for work by bank transfer?
    Yes, you can pay for the work in cash and by transfer.
  • Question:
    What is the warranty period?
    Repairs are guaranteed for 1 month.
  • Question:
    Can you come on weekends or holidays?
    Yes. In case I'm free.
I am located almost in the center of the city, the nearest metro station is Ampang Park.
Also, please use direct links to messengers!
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